Permitting Plans for Residential Systems

All residential grid tie systems must have a permit issued by their local city or county. Each AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), may have certain requirements for photovoltaic systems (PV), commonly referred to as solar systems. Solarflexion, through the knowledge and skills of our Permit Engineer can provide a complete permit plan drawing based on your AHJ’s requirements. All plans are in accordance with city codes and NEC (National Electric Code) regulations. Regardless of where you reside in the U.S., we can design a low-cost permit plan for your project. Our plans have helped DIY customer’s and contractor’s get their systems permitted in a timely manner.

Contact Sales to inquire how Solarflexion can assist you in your permitting plan needs.

Solar Permitting Includes:

  • Plot Plan - Site
  • Single Line Drawing
  • Ampacity & Voltage calculations, and solar breaker size 
  • Module data sheet
  • Inverter data sheet 
  • Full Submittal Package
  • 2D Space Layout Drawings
  • Line Schematic Drawings
  • Site Installation Drawings
  • Roof / Ground Mounting Layout and Detail 

*Does not include structural engineering*